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Case Study: Stoney Creek Glass - New Dock and Pit Construction

Our Clients, Stoney Creek Glass, were looking to replace their old edge-of-dock leveler with a hydraulic dock in order for their business to continue to operate fast, efficient, and safely. In order to make this happen we first needed to remove the existing edge-of-dock leveler and perform a pit construction to create the foundation for the new pit-style dock.

Our project planning began with understanding the needs of the customer to ensure the solution would adequately meet the needs of their business and detailed measurements to ensure a smooth installation process. We also planned the sequence of tasks meticulously to maximize efficiency and minimize disruption to the client's regular operations.

The pit construction was carried out in stages, ensuring that the reinforcement was laid accurately and the concrete pouring was done effectively to create a strong and durable foundation for the dock. A critical element of this construction process was the installation of a curb angle within the pit.

The curb angle served as a sturdy and stable anchor for the new hydraulic dock. Once the concrete had set and the pit construction was complete, the loading dock was securely welded to the installed curb angle. This attachment method not only secured the dock firmly in place but also allowed it to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding pit structure, thereby maximizing its efficiency and durability.

The next step in the project was the installation of the dock bumpers to ensure the impact of trucks docking at the facility will be absorbed with no damage to the building.

Upon completion of the project, Stoney Creek Glass now enjoys an efficient and safer loading dock system. The new hydraulic dock, pit, and dock bumpers have not only made their loading and unloading operations more efficient but also significantly reduced the risk of damage during these operations.

The Stoney Creek Glass project is an excellent example of Eton Loading Dock Services' dedication to delivering high-quality, customized solutions. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, comprehensive planning, and execution strategies that enable us to overcome challenges and provide our clients with loading dock systems that enhance their operational efficiency and safety. We were thrilled to assist Stoney Creek Glass in upgrading their facilities to better serve their growing business needs.

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